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Move Health Holdings Corp.

Established in 2019, Move Health Holdings Corp.  (“Move Health”) specializes in allied health services which includes physiotherapy, chiropractic, registered massage therapy, kinesiology, counselling, acupuncture, occupational therapy, cold laser therapy, bracing and orthotics.  

Patients have several options to access MHHC’s comprehensive services through:

  1. In-person clinic visits 

  2. Insurance claim referral 

  3. Corporate Wellness Programs 

  4. 24/7 telemedicine


Board of Directors

Expertise Powering Sustainable Growth

Move Health Holdings Corp. brings together a diverse Board of Directors with extensive experience in the health & wellness industry. Their proven history of entrepreneurial successes provides the expertise needed for long term growth. 

Investor Presentation

Since its inception, Move Health has consistently delivered world-class patient care and investor returns. EBITDA positive since 2021, with expansion and acquisitions financed through retained earnings and shareholder capital. Future growth plans include accretive acquisitions, scalable operational efficiencies, increased capacity and expansion of patient services.

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